Welcome to Wintersong

wintersong image

by Vicky and Chris



This is the Man in the Moon’s blog for ‘Wintersong’ an ‘Inspired’ idea from the young folk of Nairn, Scotland, for a street parade and celebration of the switching on of the winterlights.The Man in the Moon is very honoured to be Master of Ceremonies for the Wintersong evening on Friday the 27th November, and very excited that the Song is here for all to learn. If you like you can learn the wintersong chorus only, or the rest  too…Wintersong –Introduction, Verse 1, Chorus and ending and join in with the choir.

Here are the words

Come and sing our wintersong
Come and sing where we belong
Auld and young folk – a’ the same
Come and sing and light up Nairn!

Gaelic Chorus

Thig is seinn ar oran geamhraidh
Thig is seinn far an rugadh sinn
Aosd neo og, huile te ceudna
Thig is seinn! Bheirinn solas air Inbhir Narann

Gaelic chorus phonetics

Heec is shine ar oran gee aw ree
Heec is shine far un rooga sheen
is-d nyee-o og, hoola chay kaydna
Heec is shine! Vayreen solas air Inver Naran

Verse 1
Wintersong brings gifts and sharing
Wintersong breaks ice and snow
Wintersong brings kindred caring
Home and hearth our winterglow

Verse 2
Wintersong brings snowflakes falling
Wintersong breaks long dark nights
Wintersong brings twinkling candles
Come and sing and shine your light!



  1. 1
    carys and ashley Says:

    hey 🙂
    we are singing this song at the lights tomorrow night, and would like to say its a very warming song!!!
    we love it, especially the gaelic bit 😛
    byeeeeeeeeee 😀

  2. 2
    a matheson Says:

    What happened to christmas ,what are you pc nutters going to try to ruin next?

  3. 3
    Ella Hunter Says:

    I was disappointed on last nights event. I thought that all of the displayes and costumes were absolutely brilliant however once the groups took to the stage that was it, could here any type of song a wast of good choirs -even some christmas carols would have helped here. A good event spoiled.

  4. 4
    Diana Ligertwood Says:

    Great atmosphere just a pity the choirs were drowned out by the drums.The drums did not need the amplifiers it would of been better if the choirs had been provided with them.
    Next year please think about providing amplifiers for the acts on stage and not the bands.

  5. 5
    mark samuels Says:

    Hi great night but would have been good to see the band, who were at the back, but fantastic. thanks mark

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