Wintersong, Done&Dusted!

This year’s procession was excellent. There was a great atmosphere around all the kids that took part, and the adults!

There was a lot of work done in a small amount of time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped in this years success! The Primary Sevens from Millbank, Rosebank, Cawdor and Auldearn, and their teachers.The Sports leaders, who did Santa’s Grotto. Nairn Academy for their help, and participation. The shops that stayed open and dressed their windows in fiery or icy themes! Northern Constabulary. Highland Council Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd.

Our funders LEADER, Scottish Arts Council, The European agricultural fund for Rural Development,Highland Council Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd, The Scottish Government Riaghltas na h-Alba .The Nairnshire Telegraph, for publicising the event. The Royal Bank of Scotland. The Drummers, and brass section, from the band, Markus Britton and Olivia Furness, the band leaders. The makers, Kay Smith, and Celia Smith, the professional Artists, without whom the effigies would not have been as spectacular. The Community Choir, who on stage along with the primary sevens, sang Wintersong, and Ali Burns, who conducted the choir. Nina Mackellar who taught the correct words for the Gaelic chorus to the choir Our coordinator, Alistair Macdonald, and Our Administrator Angela McOwan. All Stewards, and carriers. Everyone that worked behind the scenes on the technical side of things. And the audience on the night who came out and cheered everyone on! Steve Webb who narrated, as Mr Moon! And last, but not least the two Primary Sevens that switched on the lights, Altair Warren and Mark Brivochek.And anyone else that got involved.

This year’s Christmas lights, were a light into the darkness. We had a week of rain, bad wind and general coldness, But the evening of the procession it stopped raining for us, there was a pleasant breeze, and not quite as cold as it has been.

As planned we premiered our Wintersong which went really well.  The auld an’ young folk of Nairn were able to show off their talents, in Music and Art and then show it to the town, in a fun and exciting way! With the Drummers and Icy effigies and Dancers and singers and followers, heading up from the Brae, and the Fiery effigies, the brass section singers and dancers and followers, leaving from Rosebank, and meeting at The Royal Bank of Scotland, for the finale of the lights switching on, Mr Moon’s winter poem, the song, and fireworks!

We will be putting up pictures in the near future, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see some of the effigies, and what not!

And we will also be having a feedback meeting at some point soon, We will be letting you know when we do, but for now, we are going to have a little rest, and enjoy some free time, if we can.

Thank you to all!

Hope you enjoyed it thoroughly.



  1. 1
    Susi Says:

    Hi – I thought it went very well and everyone seemed to have a great time. I enjoyed last years theme a little more, but that’s just a personal thing. It was obvious that so much work had gone into the process and the singing in particular was lovely. Also, very exciting to see the fireworks at the end. One thing I would say from a logistical point of view, I didn’t think it was good to split the parade, so that two groups met in the middle. This would have been lovely except that it was very difficult to manage to see both the ice and fire sections – my mum and I saw the ice parade but didn’t manage to get to the other side of the stage in time to see the fire one because the street is always very congested. Even when everyone came on stage we couldn’t see the fire effigies due to the crowd.

  2. 2
    Kate McArdle Says:

    the event was good and relaxed fun, it’s great to see so many people involved in somthing for the community. well done.

    things to think about for next year are: the singers could not be heard singing the gaelic chorus so maybe needs extra mics: the words could start higher on the screen (great idea with the photos) as the crowd at the back could see them all: did the people in wheelchairs see anything from their place?

  3. 3
    nic Says:

    we had a super time, thought it was a 100% better than lights on in INv! Very well planned and good fun
    we are a bit dismayed to have paid £10 in santas grotto for our very first photo with santa to never recieve it, would appreciate if someone can help me get my money back?

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