The Background

The young peoples working group INSPIRE is the successful outcome of the community celebrations project run by Nairn Children’s Art Club to teach young people how to organise their own events in the course of creating a special procession for Highland Year of Culture 2007.  This project was recognised as one of the top ten examples of best practice during the year in a report by the 2007 Year of Highland Culture team. In 2008, INSPIRE produced a further winter procession – NAIRNIA to celebrate the switch on of Nairn’s winter lights.

A strong core of participants have formed a cohesive group over the formative years and in addition to the main event they have:
• rehearsed and enjoyed a performance during the NAIRNIA feedback event in March 2009 in Nairn Community centre
• rehearsed and performed as a street carnival band in Grantown on Spey and
• performed as support to Orkestra Del Sol at the 2009 Strathspey in May Festival. 

INSPIRE has a committee of 12, consisting of 4 adults (2 male and 2 female) and 8 under 25 year olds (1 male and 7 females).  The broader involvement reached over 400 direct participants.

INSPIRE’s main activities are :
• providing young people in Nairnshire with opportunities to fulfil their potential through participation in creative activities
• establishing and maintain an ethos based on open access
• attracting a wide membership
• enhancing local skills through the provision of training opportunities for young people
• linking with other local initiatives as appropriate.


• to ensure and encourage a wide community involvement and access in the 14 – 25 age group; a high quality of experience for participants; good & open working, relationships with all interested parties;
working practices in line with the Highland Council Child Protection policy
• to implement a programme of activities which
– is available, as appropriate, to the 14 – 25 age group
– includes training opportunities
• to research and secure appropriate funding packages which
– enables the engagement of skilled arts practitioners.
  In providing a unique winter event for the town, the NAIRNIA Winter Festival will:
• be developed through a series of creative and technical workshops targeted at young people and led by high quality facilitators in Art, Costume, Music, Singing, Drama and production
• be open to young people primarily and others from Nairn and the wider surrounding area
• provide young people with opportunities to realise their creative potential through using a ‘master and apprentice’ approach
• develop grass roots support through involving primary 7 pupils in a transition project feeding into the event
• provide young people with training opportunities through assisting facilitators to deliver P7 workshops
• be driven by young people in conjunction with their mentors, partners and the wider community

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