WINTERSONG – your chance to be part of a BIG WORLD PREMIERE

INSPIRE, Nairn’s young peoples’ working group are once again busy preparing for this year’s Winter Procession, which will hit the streets of Nairn later this month on Friday 27 November.

 ‘WINTERSONG’ aims to build on the success of last year’s NAIRNIA event by filling the streets of Nairn with colourful costumes, music and giant effigies and all under the watchful eye of Mr Moon!  It’s an opportunity for Nairn folk to celebrate the start of the winter season, whether as participant or spectator in what has become a must see event in the town’s calendar. 

 This year’s theme is inspired by the arrival of winter, showing that there must be balance in everything, that there’s no good without bad, no love without hate, no summer without winter and that rather than moaning about the dark cold season, we should celebrate it – After all, it’s got a lot going for it – it’s a good time, a time for telling stories, for being with friends and families, a time for giving and receiving, a time to take stock and recharge our batteries, in readiness for spring. 

 With this in mind, there’ll be not one but two processions, a warm fiery one from the bottom of the town and an icy cold one from the top of the town, both meeting at a big brightly lit stage in the centre of the town on the corner of the High Street and Leopold Streets.   Huge hand made fire and ice images carried by the participants will lead the two processions and join to become one over-arching symbol of unity on the big stage as participants and onlookers join together to mark the winter lights switch on and the coming of winter.

For details of workshop times and information about joining the WINTERSONG choir, contact Angela McOwan on 0794 939 4708, 01667 451 804 or


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